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If you are working with a builder, you must confirm the pricing and hardware options available with the builder. The information listed above may change depending on the builder.

Baseline Hardware Allowance Selection Process - Pro Value Hardware

Your Baseline Hardware Allowance covers hardware from the Classic and Select Series, so if you choose hardware from these series, there is no additional cost. This option includes the drilling and delivery of hardware. If you want to choose from the: 

Premier series: is an additional $2.00 (ea). Elite series: is an additional $3.00 (ea). Elite II series: is an additional $4.00 (ea). 

Cabinet Maker, Cabinet hardware, custom cabinets

Customized Installation for Cabinet Hardware

(available at our discounted pricing) cabinet maker, custom cabinets

  • Upon request, before production, we can place more than one handle/knob per door/drawer.

  • Upon request, before production, we can drill and place hardware in any location you choose.

  • Post production change requests will require additional changes.

Installation for Cabinet Hardware

One piece of hardware per door and drawer is standard and is included within our Baseline Hardware Allowance. The following are the specific details and specifications for drilling your new custom cabinets. Cabinet maker, cabinet hardware

Knob Installation:

  • Upper Doors: Drilled and placed 2 inches from the bottom corner of the door.

  • Base Doors: Drilled and placed 2 inches from the top corner of the door.

Handle and or Pull Installation:

  • Drilled and placed in the center on a standard drawer face.

  • All Dovetail drawers are drilled in the center of the drawer face.

  • Drilled and placed in the center on top rail of panel drawers and Pull-Out garbage units.

  • Handles are typically 3 inches or 96mm center on center. 

Customized Cabinet Hardware (Not included in allowances)

Keep in mind you are not limited to choosing hardware from the Baseline Hardware Allowance, you are more than welcome to select hardware from the following vendors at our discounted pricing!  Call with your selection to confirm pricing.

cabinet maker, custom cabinets

Hardware Tip: When choosing hardware, make sure the finish coordinates with other finishes in your home like faucets and interior doors.

Baseline Hardware Allowance Selection Process - Hardware ResourcesCabinet maker, Cabinet hardware, custom cabinets

All of the knobs and handles in the Elements category up to 6" are included with in the Baseline Hardware allowance. The hardware in the Jeffrey Alexander category is an upgrade, not included in the Baseline Allowance, and available at our discounted pricing. Appliance Pulls: Dishwasher and appliance pulls are not included in your allowance, but are available to you at our pricing!   

Our Hardware Program Cabinet Hardware

After the initial cabinet design meeting we will introduce you to our

"Decorative Hardware Program". This program is designed to make your

hardware selection easy, while assuring your selection falls within your

cabinet allowance.  We have hand selected a variety of handles and

knobs that will fall with our Baseline Hardware Allowance.

To preview the "Decorative Hardware Program" selections please click on

the following images to visit our hardware suppliers. Our baseline hardware

allowance include great selections from our vendors, Pro Value Hardware and

Hardware Resources.  Not enough options? You may choose outside the baseline 

Allowance at our discounted pricing, see our Customized Cabinet Hardware Selection

below for additional options!

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