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The Women-Centeric Approach has formed 4 personalities that women tend to exhibit. Based off your answers, you will be paired with a personality that will help you and us to understanding your design needs and what is important to you! custom cabinets in anoka, cabinet design quiz

Who are you?

  • Margo: Modern. Margo enjoys a clean design, shapes, and is drawn to new and unconventional! Work is first!
  • Elise : Traditional. Drawn to traditional style, proven products and comfy furnishings. Family is first!
  • Claire: Sophisticated. Details are everything! Quality designs and products. Landscaping is important!
  • Maggie: Casual. Eclectic and passionate in life and hobbies. Flexible spaces for family and interests!

What is your design personality? cabinet design quiz Custom Cabinets Mn Quiz

Who knew a simple choice such as your favorite flower or taste in jewelry can predict your style and preferences in your cabinetry. With this information we can identify your strongest personality type and pair it with a design and or space that will be built to accommodate your needs! We will be able to focus on you. This means you will not be bombarded with several options, style and or choices that may not be important to you or your home.  Custom cabinets in anoka, cabinet design quiz


are you....

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custom cabinets mn
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